HalfMad’s Cannibal The Musical at Capital Fringe 2017


“It’s that versatility of the cast that is most impressive. The cast juggles multiple puppets — there are even butterflies and woodland creatures that a less ambitious director would have left out — as playing human roles. As for Parker’s show itself — it’s hit and miss, and about what you would expect: some clever lines, some dirty jokes, some gibes about Mormonism. It’s fun. But it’s HalfMad’s ingenious staging that makes this show worth the trip.”

HalfMad’s Cannibal The Musical at Capital Fringe 2017

“Perhaps, the biggest hero in this production though is the director, puppet builder, set builder, and show’s visionary Elizabeth Dapo. She built all of the around 60 puppets herself and created some pretty darn snazzy looking drops as well. Maybe she is Half Mad like her company name to do all of that herself, but what’s a little insanity for a genius like Dapo really?”

“Here is your chance to see how it all began for Trey Parker. You will see an incredibly well put together show. It might be one of the true highlights of this year’s Capital Fringe. Have a “Shpadoinkle Day” and enjoy HalfMad Theatre’s production of Trey Parker’s Cannibal the Musical. There are puppets, and everything is better with puppets.”That’s All We’re Asking For.””

Sleeping Beauty at the Puppet Co Playhouse 2016

HalfMad’s Winter’s Tale 2015

“For those that haven’t yet been acquainted with this up-and-coming company – The Winters Tale and HalfMad Theatre Company are as enchanting a find as the space they occupy.”

“Elizabeth Dapo, who is both at the helm of The Winters Tale and the Artistic Director of HalfMad, brilliantly consolidates this crazy script into a concise and inventive adaptation that focuses on love, regret, and time-lost. The show feels modern and theatrical for the first half, fun and farcical for the second, and somehow manages to tie the story together in an ably staged, thought-provoking final scene. This is the true achievement of this production; Dapo’s creative genius and her genuine connection to the script come together to turn “problem” into “poignancy.” She eliminates characters like “The Oracle of Delphi” and replaces them with the personification of time, and allows her characters to experience realization and regret. This is a piece that will stick with you and affect you, rather than one that will puzzle you.”

HalfMad’s Winter’s Tale 2015

“One of the most sensible approaches to Shakespeare’s problem plays is simply to cut out the problematic parts and zero in on the play’s beating heart. With its long one-act presentation of The Winter’s Tale, HalfMad Theatre does just that, drawing the painful tale of redemption and reunion out from some of the woolier parts of the original, highlighting certain strengths and, unfortunately, certain weaknesses in the process.”

Beauty and The Beast Review at the PuppetCo Playhouse 2016

Len Piper’s Pinocchio at the PuppetCo Playhouse 2016

Aladdin at the PuppetCo Playhouse 2015

Press for Come Back to the Five and Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean: Click here for the DC Metro Theatre Arts Review

Dapo was a well of entertainment, bubbling up new instances of humor that were tempered with some more serious moments of emotional weight. It is her breakdown that really tugs at your heart strings when the truth of her situation is revealed.”

Barbara Lambert as Joanne, Elizabeth Dapo as Sissy

Barbara Lambert as Joanne, Elizabeth Dapo as Sissy


Press for See How They Run at the Greenbelt Arts Center: Click here for a review!

And here is another review with more pictures of the full cast!

See How They Run

“Dapo has the sound of Hollywood in her voice; the perfect match for her former-actress character. When she delves into moments of melodramatic hysterics, usually with Larson, she draws laughter by the barrel forth from the audience. The pair plays exceedingly well together, crafting comic moments to die for that will keep you in stitches until the humorous, albeit happy, conclusion of the show. Brilliant acting all around but especially from these two when it comes to just carrying moments of the show that are necessary to keep things moving forward; a true understanding of how to make comedy work in a show without forcing it”-Amanda Gunther

Currently obtaining reviews from the summer season in Colorado.  Coming soon!

Reviews and Blurbs on X-Tink-Shun: A Wild Puppet Experience at the Philadelphia Zoo in Partnership with the Jim Henson Company

Sam Champion gets to know all of the X-Tink-Shun friends!

Muppetwiki for X-Tink-Shun

Puppeteering Iggle the Eaglet and Phibi the Frog for a press conference

Phibi’s Show

Phibi at the Press Conference

Phibi gets close to Sam Champion on Good Morning America

Phibi gets a kiss from Ukee Washington on CBS Philly

Reviews for Norman Shadowboxer by the Empty Box Theatre Company at the 2010 Edinburgh Fringe Festival:

Norman Shadowboxer at the Fringe

Lisa, Max, Norman and I standing in the rain passing out flyers and smiles…

“It is an excellent show for children – all of ours were completely captivated for the full duration of the show.

Shadows, puppets and live, rhyming commentary all blend to produce an experience different from other shows. The duration is short – good for the younger ones – but this has led to a more polished performance.

I would recommend this show to children of all ages.”  From Broadway Baby

Three Weeks Review

Fringe Photos of Norman by More 42 on Flickr:

Myself and Norman

Norman and I.

Norman and Lisa.  (The Guardian)

Much Ado About Nothing: Auburn, NY 2009

Much Ado About Nothing

Beatrice, Hero and Claudio

Much Ado Review!

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