Sleeping Beauty at the PuppetCo May 2016


Josh Rosenblum as Frog and Liz Dapo as Lady Frog

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Sleeping Beauty, written by Duane T Bowers for the PuppetCo is a witty and delightful comedy.  The story begins with a storyteller in a garden with two of the thirteen fairies.  After a bit of a temper tantrum, Fairy 13 turns the storyteller into a frog.  What’s that you say, dear reader?  There is not a frog in Sleeping Beauty, you gasp at the obvious mix up between Sleeping Beauty and The Frog Prince, but, au contraire!  In one of the many many version of the story, there is a frog, who tells the Queen that she will have a beautiful child.  Yep.

I had a thrilling time doing this show.  I played the Queen, Fairy 12, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Briar Rose, the Maiden Frog, as well as the Chancellor.  I also puppeteered for Fairy 13 when Christopher was playing another character.  It was such a fun challenge, not only to use all these different voices, but to puppeteer a puppet that was being voiced by someone else.  You start to learn the rhythm of the lines and get a feel for the attitude of the character.

The Queen was a grand lady who was very regal in her voice, but also very bird like.  I found working with her parasol a challenge sometimes, but once I got the hang of it, I made sure I used it whenever I had the chance.

The Princess didn’t show up till almost the end of the show.  She was a cute 16 year old girl.  Really that’s all I have to say about her.

The Chancellor was very fun and the first male character I got to voice at the PuppetCo.  When I first did his voice in rehearsal, Christopher and Josh dropped their puppets down and turned to stare at me.  They didn’t think my voice could go so low.  After all, in every day conversation, I pretty much sound like a Fraggle.

Fairy 12 was my sweet little old lady voice, the Frog Maiden, ended up being Scottish or Irish….it really depended on the day.

I love this show.  Here are some photos I managed to get behind the scenes



Josh and myself with our Frogs


Backstage for Sleeping Beauty


Just in case Josh forgot who he was in this show….


Rehearsal with Christopher, Allan, and Josh



Liz, Toni, and Josh run lines outside in the sun.


Toni, Josh, and Storyteller Frog close up

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