Come Back to the Five and Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean



***Note.  This show was performed waaaaaaaay back in 2014.  I am just now getting back to writing about it.

My most recently ended theatrical project was at the Greenbelt Arts Centre for a play called Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean, where I got to play the quippy blonde who had had a hard life, but wasn’t going to let it slow her down.  I loved playing this character.  She was smart and vulnerable, though she hid both so that she could be the same woman that her friends had known and love.

The ladies (and gentleman) who I was cast with were amazing and wonderful.  The rehearsal process was difficult from time to time, but with their help and understanding, we all made it to the end, and had a great time with the show.

(I’ve come back to this post after the show has been over for a while…so my memories are a bit fuzzy…)Overall I had a spectacular time and got to know some really great people working in the area.  Here are some photos from Heather Brooks of the fun we had.  Heather, by the way was nominated for and received an award for set decoration for this production.  I ended up designing the set (because I can’t say no) and we really pulled together as a group to pull it off.  Gayle Negri and I stayed late many days to get the floor painted and the set painted perfectly.


The ladies and our one fella, Winard Britt were a delight to work with!

I also broke two pairs of shoes during this run.

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